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There are 5 steps of sourcing products in China

1. Product Sourcing

Submit your sourcing request and we will send you atleast 3 quotes from different suppliers within 48 hours


2. Placing the order

If applicable a sample of the required product will be produced and once confirmed we can then place the order.

Most factories and suppliers require 30% - 50% deposit.

3. Quality inspection

Before the balance of the product(s) is settled, we will inspect the quality. This is to ensure compliance with regulations which is very important when purchasing products from China.


4. Warehousing

Upon completion of the final payment, the goods will be sent to our warehouse.They will be packaged and loaded onto containers (if applicable)

5. Shipping

•We offer sea freight shipping, which could be the full container load (FCL) or less than container load (LCL) 

Time duration: 25 - 35 days

Air cargo (warehouse-to-destination airport)

Time duration: 4 - 10 days 

Express shipping (door-to-door) straight from the factory to your door step. 

Time duration 4-7 days

We will recommend the best shipping method according to the customers needs and type of goods being shipped.

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